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Treasure Mine, Amador City, Amador County

Located 1½ miles north of Amador City. In the 1850's a long tunnel was driven in the vein from a point near the base of the hill, near Rancheria Creek. In 1867 the mine had a 8 stamp mill. After years of being idle, a hoisting plant was put in place and sink renewed in the summer of 1895. In August of 1896, at a point of 375 feet from the surface a drift was cut to the south.

In 1920 the following levels were being worked: 1,800, 2,000, 2,160, 2,320, and 2,470. The 1,600 foot level of the Treasure Mine connects with the 1,500 foot of the Bunker Hill Mine to the south. The mill was operating 16 hours a day, utilizing electricty, and handling 90 tons of ore.

Excerpt Amador Ledger - April 8, 1910
The Treasurer mine located between the Bunker Hill and the Fremount is making marked progress. A new hoisting engine is being installed, and a pump put in operation. The engine will have a hoisting capacity of 500 feet per minute. This mine has a ledge though only down 400 feet, that is reported to be pay rock by the officials. There are many other improvements planned and a bright future is predicted.

Excerpt Amador Ledger - Dec 2, 1910
The Treasure mine will soon be one of the leading industries along the lode if prospects continue, as are the present showings. The shaft is nearly seven hundred feet deep and drifts are cut at various sections along the ledge which is claimed to be of extra good grade rock. Improvements are being made on the surface and all present indications point to a bright future for the mine. A. E. McCurdy is in charge of the plant, and ranks high in the esteem of his fellow mine superintendents, as far as his knowledge of mining is concerned.

Owned by the Treasure Mining Company of San Francisco. Founded prior to 1867. Sometimes called the Hazard Mine. Shaft reached 3030 on the incline with winzes. Was connected to the Bunker Hill Mine to the south at the 1600; level. Produced $1,000,000 in gold and closed in 1922.

Information, historic photographs courtesy of the Amador County Archives, The Historical Marker Database, and the Chronicling America Database


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