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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to many of your questions. If there is something which you cannot find the answer to, let us know and we will add your question to this list.

How sort by "Default" works?

Sort by default sort the list by order point. Order point is calculated by this formula:

order_point = referal_number + last_update * 5 + sum_of_member_rating * 5 + official_rating * 20


  • Last update is number of days since the link is last updated by member (and approved).
  • Sum of member rating is total number of rating (not average) given by members (not visitors).
  • Official rating is rating given by administrator.
  • Referal number is total of referal made by link owner.

What is the benefit of being Sponsored Link or Premium Link?

  • Sponsored link give you best exposure by placing your link always on the top of category list and search result (default sorting), with different design.
  • Premium link give you better exposure by having a different design than reguler link. And in default sorting, will place premium listing on top of other reguler links with same order point.
  • Each class may have different fields than reguler links



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